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Content Management (before)

This page is set up to show you a before layout with text, graphics and photos in one layout. The 'after' page will show you where the elements have been placed to provide a nicer layout.

Watch the video that will show you how easy it is to accomplish this!

This link takes you to the After page

Lower South Coin

Here's a text box with a title

The title should be bold and larger so we'll fix that. And maybe we want to add words that are italicized and made bold.

We would also like to place this on the left side of the page with the graphic on the right.

We'd like to

  1. Move this to the right

  2. Make it larger

  3. And add a nice graphical element.


  1. Change the color and size of this text

  2. Change the color of the box

  3. Make it as wide as the page


  1. Link this to a real YouTube video

  2. Make it larger

  3. Move it to the bottom of the page

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