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This is a free eCommerce/Store app that can easily be integrated into your website. Some things you should consider before you start adding products:

  • Create CATEGORIES and SUB-CATEGORIES of your products

    • ​This makes it easier to set up your store

    • And searches will make much more sense

    • Think about how you look up items on websites

  • Photos

    • You can have multiple pictures per item

    • The more professional, the more likely the sale

    • Generally, a white background is best – and is the standard

  • Descriptions

    • Make sure they make sense​

    • Ask friends and family for their opinion

  • Pricing

    • What does it retail for

    • If you want to put it on sale

  • Shipping

    • Are you charging shippping​

    • How will you calculate the cost of shipping

To see the store Start Shopping Here!!!

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