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Welcome to Peregrine's Sample Website!

Every page will have descriptions in orange text for the different elements of what you're looking at! So visit all the pages including the drop down menus that offer additional sub-pages...enjoy!

By the way, these social links in the header (or footer) will be on every page and are clickable!

SLIDES -- a graphical way to show off your services, products and more!


A great way to show

off your services!

Slides rotate automatically...or


Use the arrows on the sides...or

Use the buttons on the bottom of the page

Heading for each page

Title for each page (H1)

Don't forget to add welcoming text on your home page that should include your company name, location and a brief description of what you do. All of this helps with natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If a visitor wants to learn more you can link them to the About Us page -- which every website should have (except this one)!

Every page of your site should also include:

  • H1 Headers: this is what search engines use to index each page

  • Meta Titles: this is what's listed on search engine results

  • Meta Descriptions: the copy that's part of your search results

Google Maps

  • Easy to add your location

  • Notice the 'Peregrine' logo as the locator

  • You can add a border around the map

Graphical Elements

  • A graphical way to highlight and link to your service pages 

  • The graphic and the button underneath are links

  • Create one or two or as many as you need

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